NORAD Moves to Cheyenne Mountains

Potential EMP attack forces NORAD to return to Cheyenne

Attack Simulation of EMPNorth American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is moving
its headquarters back into Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, to protect from a
potential EMP attack after 10 years. The potential attack could come from North
Korea or Iran.

Such states, North Korea and Iran, are nuclear-ready and
have missile capability to strike the United States with an EMP bomb at any
moment. Iran and North Korea have successfully orbited satellites on South-Polar
trajectories that appear to practice evading U.S. missile defenses, and at
optimum altitudes to make a surprise EMP attack.

The reason to move back to Cheyenne Mountain is because there’s
an enormous bunker that was built to survive a Cold-war nuclear attack. The
bunker can also resist a potential electromagnetic-pulse attack acting like an
EMP shield. While the Aerospace Defense Command is protecting its power grid,
which is good since we could lose our aerospace defenses in a potential attack.
The Government, though, is failing to protect other military and civilian
electronic nationwide.

The potential attack would cause a black out in the national
power grid that could take months, or even years to be fixed. The damage would
not only be a massive black out, but could also take many lives.

It’s not difficult to imagine the damages in a nationwide
black out with a long duration resulting in chaos and death in a large scale. The
real problem is because a potential EMP attack would cause commercial jets to fall
from the sky across North America. Nuclear power plants would go off-line.

It would take a few billion dollars to protect civilian and
military electric grid, but nothing compared to the damage of a potential EMP
attack that would result in chaos.

The potential attack would most likely happen from the
explosion of a nuclear weapon in space that would cause a short burst of
electromagnetic energy causing a black out in power grid.

There’s already an EMP Commission to prevent and prepare a potential
attack, but Congress is failing to act on the recommendations of its own commission
and for dropping the ball on multiple bills to fund electronic infrastructure
security upgrades.

In recent years, the GRID Act, the Shield Act, and the Critical Infrastructure
Protection Act have gained bipartisan and even unanimous support in the House,
yet they died in the Senate.

The Pentagon is well aware of the problem and the
consequences, the black out, the chaos and human lives. Now, it has to stop
failing to protect the rest of the military and also the civillian electric
grid by taking the necessary precautions, that means the upgrades in the
infrastructure and security of the electric grid, so a potential attack can
stop being a potential catastrophe.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) moved back to Cheyenne
Mountain, Colorado, to protect its own electrical grid but something more has
to be done so we can ensure the safety of our other defenses and citizens. It’s
up to the Congress to guarantee that.